Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wally World

I feel like I can't ever be the person I dream of being because I shop at Walmart.  And not every time we go to the store.  But the weeks where we need to get toilet paper and a birthday present as well as groceries.  

I feel like the produce is fake.  Not that it's actually unreal.  Just that it seems, feels, appears to be less real.  I imagine in coming from a giant factory where immigrant workers who don't know any English.  

We buy the advertised laundry detergent and name brand Rotel.  

I just feel like, when I was in college, I dreamt of a different life.  

I dreamt of only eating meat that was humanely raised and slaughtered.  I dreamt of buying Organic food that could be traced back to an actual place.  I dreamt of a home that had style.  Maybe it was would be kind of eclectic style, but style nonetheless.  I dreamt of a job where I had a desk.  

And Walmart makes me feel sad.  

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